Adopted: Aug. 8, 2016

High School Girls House Soccer League



The purpose of the High School Girls House Soccer League (HSGHSL) is to provide an opportunity for high-school-aged girls (U-19) on house recreational teams to play soccer in competition against teams of similar composition. Sportsmanship, fair play, and a friendly atmosphere among all participants, including coaches, players, officials and spectators are requirements for participation in the HSGHSL.


1. All participating teams agree to the following rules. Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in forfeiture of all games played and disqualification from further participation.

a. Clubs will form their teams on the same basis that they use in forming their regular house teams. Registration must be open to all eligible players. Each club agrees that teams are not formed on a "cut" or "all star" basis. Players who are registered as "travel" or "select" are not allowed to play in the HSGHSL

b. Only girls born on or after the appropriate club age chart year are eligible to participate during the current season. In order to establish a minimum age, however, girls who are U-14 must be attending the 8th grade of secondary school or who have been approved for "play-up" by thr club Recreational Commissioner. All girls must play at least 50 percent of each game.

c. Team rosters certified by the age group director of each sponsoring club must be set prior to the fourth game of the season, and submitted to the League Co-Directors before the fourth game of the season. Failure to provide a certified roster by this time will result in temporary suspension of the offending team and forfeit of games until the roster has been received. The roster will include name and birth date. Roster and player changes may be made after the fourth game of the season, but only with the express approval of the League Co-Directors. Certified rosters will be made available upon request to all club commissioners and coaches.

2. There will be a minimum of three League Co-Directors and no less than one from each participating club, who are chosen by their respective clubs to coordinate HSGHSL operations. The League Co-Directors will appoint a Scheduler and a Treasurer. They will also set operating fees for each season.

3. At a meeting convened by the League Co-Directors prior to the beginning of each season, the seasonal format will be determined by a majority vote of those League Co-Directors and coaches in attendance. Each League Co-Director and coach will have one vote unless a League Co-Director is also a coach. In this event, that individual will have two votes. Following adoption of a seasonal schedule, the Scheduler will publish the schedule with home fields and home teams clearly identified. End-of-season trophies will be awarded with costs shared on a pro-rata basis by all teams. Fees must be submitted to the Treasurer at the same time rosters are distributed to the League Co-Directors. Team and telephone listings will be posted on the HSGHSL Web site along with the season final schedule.

4. Normally, 50 percent of each teams games will be at home. Clubs are responsible for providing a suitable field with nets, lines, corner flags, and a stitched size 5 game ball for all home games. This may require inspection and positive action by the coach/club in advance of start time. Should a field develop problems that can be corrected through positive action, such as application of top soil or mulch in wet or boggy areas, then it is the responsibility of the Home Coach to take this action personally or through the Home Club so that scheduled games may be played. Further, clubs should provide three USSF certified officials. Single or two man systems may only be used in an emergency provided all officials are USSF certified. All clubs agree to use only their most experienced officials for this age group. When scheduled certified officials fail to show, both coaches may agree on use of substitute officials. Coaches are not compelled to accept substitutes. (Note: A home team will have 30 minutes from the scheduled match start time to fulfill the requirements of this paragraph that relate to field set-up and use of certified officials, or the game will be treated as a weather-postponed soccer match.)

5. Both teams will be responsible to confirm home game times, field directions, and uniform colors not less than two days prior to game day. No home team will reschedule a game without the concurrence of the visiting team. All games are expected to be played unless cancellation is approved by the League Co-Directors or Scheduler. Unauthorized cancellation could result in a forfeit. Home teams are responsible for notifying visiting teams of weather cancellations at least 2 hours prior to scheduled game time; reschedule canceled games within one week of originally scheduled game; and report game scores, player red or yellow cards, and coach or spectator caution or dismissal to the League Co-Directors and Webmaster at the end of the game. Home teams have first choice of which side of the field of play it occupies for its spectators, coaches, and substitutes. This choice should be made as early as possible to avoid inconvenience to the visitors. Opposing teams and their parents and spectators teams occupy opposite sides of the field unless both coaches agree otherwise. Visiting teams have first choice of uniform color.

Rules of Competition.

1. FIFA Laws of the Game will apply except as modified by this section. Club commissioners will provide a copy of these rules to the head referee of their organizations.

2. Game time for U-19 Girls are 45-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. Regular season games may end in a tie.

3. Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:

a. Throw-in, in your favor. Also, the team not in possession of the ball may substitute an unlimited numbers of players on a throw-in if the team in possession of the ball is also substituting.

b. Goal kick, by either team.

c. After a goal, by either team.

d. A team may substitute one player for an injured player when the referee stops play. The opposing team may also substitute one player at this time if the injured player is replaced.

e. Halftime.

4. Teams must have matching colored jerseys with a number assigned to each player. If requested by the opposing coach, number may be made unique with addition of tape to jersey and corrections should be made at first available opportunity.

5. Teams must field a minimum of 7 players to start a match. A team has until game time plus 15 minutes to field 7 players or they forfeit the game. Forfeited games will not be rescheduled. The game may commence at the discretion of the referee as soon as the 7th player arrives. Teams are under no obligation to reduce their number of players to match that of the opposing team. If a team cannot field 7 players during the game and is not expected to return 7 players to the field, the game will be halted at that time, with the score as it stands at that tme; that is, no forfeiture.

6. A game halted due to unsafe playing conditions prior to halftime will be replayed. A game halted at halftime or after due to unsafe playing conditions will stand as indicated by the score at the time of termination.

7. League Standings will be determined by the following:

WIN - 4 points

TIE - 2 points

LOSS - 1 point

FORFEIT - 0 points

In the event of a forfeit the score will be recorded as 3 - 0. In the event of a tie in total points in the standings at the end of the season, ties will be broken according to the following criteria:

a. Head-to-head competition. (Not used if more than two teams tie)

b. Most wins.

c. Bonus points. For each winning game subtract goals allowed from goals scored. A maximum of 3 bonus points per game may be earned. In forfeits, only 3 bonus points are awarded. No negative bonus points are calculated.

d. Least goals allowed.

e. Championship game with tie-breaking procedures.

f. Once tie breaking eliminates a team, the procedures will start over.

8. Shin guards completely covered by a uniform sock are mandatory and should provide a reasonable degree of protections.

9. If any teams are unable to complete the full 10-game (or other designated number) regular season, then final standings will be determined by percentages, in lieu of match points. The percentage is calculated based on the number of points a team has over the maximum number of points it could have earned. In the HSGHSL, the maximum points in a game is 4 (a win) so the denominator is always 4 times the number of games played. The numerator is the total points the team has earned. (Examples: A team with 1 win and 1 tie (4 + 2 = 6 points) would have a percentage of 75% (6/8); a team with all 6 wins would be at 100% (24/24); a team with 3 wins, 3 losses would be at 63% (15/24); and a team with 6 ties in 6 games would be at 50% (12/24). The tie-breaking procedures in Paragraph 7 will be used as necessary.

10. Kickoffs may be taken in any direction.

11. Rubber "studs" in lieu of pierced jewelry is at the discretion of the referee.


1. Misconduct. A red-carded player, dismissed coach, or dismissed spectator must leave the playing area immediately and will be required to sit out the next game the team plays. Names of carded players or dismissed coaches or spectators will be reported immediately following the game to all League Co-Directors. Suspensions carry over to the first game of the next season. This rule also applies for playoffs and final.

2. Game suspension and Termination. Should a referee terminate a game due to disciplinary problems, the League Co-Directors will investigate the circumstances and rule on the game. Additional action will be taken if warranted.

3. Coaches are responsible for maintaining control of themselves, their players, and spectators on their sidelines. Coaches, players, and spectators are to refrain from making remarks to the officials or opposing players before, during, or after the match. "Trash Talk" is prohibited by all participants on or off the field of play. Coaches or spectators are prohibited from entering the field of play unless invited by the Center Official. Abuse of officials by members of the HSGHSL will not be tolerated. Disregard of this by-law could become the basis for suspension.


1. Protests are strongly discouraged. In the event a protest is deemed necessary, the protest must be in writing and submitted to all of the League Co-Directors within 24 hours of the protested event or condition. Referee judgement may not be protested.

2. The League Co-Directors will resolve the protest and notify all parties in writing of the resolution as soon as possible. Any person with a conflict of interest in the protest agrees not to participate in its resolution.

End-of-Season Playoff Structure

At the end of the season, a "Gold" tournament will be held among the top four regular season teams. At the discretion of the League Co-Directors, additional end-of-season tourneys may be authorized for teams finishing below the top four.

Additional language for end-of-season tournament play will be provided as appropriate prior to end of each season.

The FOUR-TEAM playoffs bracketing:

Seed 1 v Seed 4, Seed 2 v Seed 3 with winners advancing to HSGHSL Championship Match

One of the main focuses of the HSGHSL is to complete all its scheduled regular season soccer matches. This portion of the by-laws describes the playoffs structure should time allow HSGHSL Playoffs at the conclusion of the regular season. When weather and field availability impact the playoffs, the HSGHSL Co-Directors will have wide latitude in deciding the playoff structure to enhance the soccer experience for all teams within the HSGHSL. NOTE WELL: Whenever necessary, the tie-breaking procedures stated in the HSGHSL Bylaws, Rules of Competition, Paragraph 7, will be invoked both in determining positions within division(s) and when determining seeding for the playoffs. Once teams have been selected for the playoffs, the playoffs seedings are based upon point totals only and not final position within division.

Additional HSGHSL Playoffs Procedures:

1) Should the complete HSGHSL 10-soccer-match regular season not be completed by all teams during a particular season, the HSGHSL Co-Directors will determine whether to close the season at a certain number of soccer matches completed by all teams or to ensure that only playoffs-determining soccer match be played to complete the regular season.

2) Whenever possible and feasible, the higher-seeded team ( e.g., Seed 1 is a higher seed than Seed 2) will be the home team and provide the field, field setup, three balls and referees for the respective soccer match. However, the HSGHSL Co-Directors will attempt to locate a common site for all playoffs matches. Referees during playoffs will be supplied by home team, unless other arrangements have been made. Referee fees will be paid by HSGHSL for each playoff soccer match.

3) In general, the Number 1 Seed will have choice of the available time slots in the end-of-season tourney (unless there are extenuating circumstances - as determined by the League Co-Directors).

4) All matches played must have a winner during the playoffs. If match is tied at the conclusion of two forty-five-minute halves, there will be two normal five-minute overtime periods with no Golden Goal, followed by penalty kick procedures as specified in the FIFA/USSF Laws of the Game.

5) The HSGHSL Co-Directors reserve the right to make further modifications to the playoffs schedule and playoffs rules when deemed in the best interest of the HSGHSL and its member teams.

(As discussed and voted upon at the HSGHSL meeting held August 17, 2005, with further interpretations by George Getek, HSGHSL Co-Director, 2005-2006.)

When the playoffs involve EIGHT teams: In the case of one division, the top eight teams will participate in the playoffs. In the case of two divisions, the top four teams in each division will participate in the playoffs. In the case of three divisions, the top two teams from each division plus the two third-place teams with the highest point totals will participate in the playoffs.

The EIGHT-TEAM playoffs bracketing:

Seed 1 v Seed 8, Seed 4 v Seed 5 in Bracket A and Seed 2 v Seed 7, Seed 3 v Seed 6 in Bracket B with winners within respective brackets playing each other until winners of Bracket A and Bracket B advance to HSGHSL Championship Match.

When the playoffs involve SIX teams: In the case of one division, the top six teams will participate in the playoffs. In the case of two divisions, the top three teams in each division will participate in the playoffs. In the case of three divisions, the top two teams from each division will participate in the playoffs.

The SIX-TEAM playoffs bracketing:

Seed 1 and Seed 2 will each have a bye for first round of playoffs. In first round, Seed 3 v Seed 6 and Seed 4 v Seed 5. The winner of 3 v 6 will play Seed 2, while the winner of 4 v 5 will play Seed 1. The winners of the second round will advance to HSGHSL Championship Match.

When the playoffs involve FOUR teams: In the case of one division, the top four teams will participate in the playoffs. In the case of two divisions, the top two teams in each division will participate in the playoffs. In the case of three divisions, the top team from each division plus the second-place team with the highest point totals will participate in the playoffs.

When the playoffs involve TWO teams: In the case of one division, the top two teams will participate in the playoffs. In the case of two divisions, the division winners will participate in the playoffs. In the case of three divisions, the two division winners with the highest point totals will participate in the playoffs. The two teams will play each other in the HSGHSL Championship Match.