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Updated Aug. 29, 2014

Stafford Cobras Take HSGHSL Tourney Championship

West Springfield High School, June 8, 2014 -- In their first year in the High School Girls House Soccer League (HSGHSL), a Stafford Area Soccer Association (SASA) team coached by Frank Sejas defeated a Springfield/South County Youth Club (SYC) team coached by Jon Rucker 2-0 to win the HSGHSL end-of-season tourney championship.

This hard-fought physical battle between two evenly matched teams saw the outcome settled by two second-half goals by the SASA Cobras. The equal play/possession continued, but about 10 minutes into the half, Lauren W. hit a hard shot from about 15 yards out that went over the SYC goalie's head. The assist was credited to Graciela S-P. Then, about 15 minutes before the final whistle, Lauren W. scored again, with the assists going to Claire C. and Lauren T.

The SYC team featured crisp passing, but unfortunately many of their "through" balls were a few yards too strong and either went out of bounds or the SASA goalie was able to reach them first. The Cobra defense was led by keeper Kelly R. and defenders Monique M., Lauren S., Leah G. and Karen L. SYC's team defense was solid except for a couple of unfortunate mistakes.

The Cobras -- seeded fourth -- advance to the finals with a win over the top seeded Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) coached by Josh Rock. With the game tied, 3-3 at the end of regulation and two 5-minute overtime periods, SASA won the penalty kick contest 4-3. In that exciting game, BRYC took a 2-0 lead on goals by Sydney G. with an assist going to Susie M. But by the 20th minute in the second half, the Cobras tied the score on two goals by Lauren W., with assists going to Hayley H. and Graciela S-P. Ten minutes later, Lauren W. scored her unassisted hat trick to put her team ahead 3-2. But Liz F. scored for the BRYC's Psych in the last few minutes to send the games into two scoreless overtime periods, after which the SASA team prevailed 4-3 on penalty kicks. Kassandra S-P., Lauren W., McKenzie G. and Victoria R. made their PK's, while Alexis E., Sydney G. and Summer S. were successful for the Psych.

Rucker's team advanced to the final with a 2-1 win over another SYC team coached by Jim Miller. The two SYC teams had finished second and third during the regular season with identical 8-2-0 records. Rucker's solide defense held the Millertime squad to a single goal -- a penalty kick by Tara T. -- while the offense put the ball in the net twice for the 2-1 win. Top defenders for Miller included Emani C., Jei-Si A., Molly R., Alicja G., Rachelle R., Jen A., Julie D., Cindy O. and Hannah S.



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Schedule & Results

Note: Only first 4 weeks entered so far
League Co-Directors:

Mac Squires Larry MarkVicente Carbajal Carla Smith
H=703- -
C=703- -

All scheduling changes need prior approval from either Mac, Larry, Vicente or Carla

DateTeamsField TimeScore
Sat., Sept. 6 13-SYC-Ray v 6 SYC-Miller Franconia #4 2:00
13-SYC-Bishop v 7-BRYC-Quiroz Franconia #4 4:00
3-BRYC-Rock v 2-SYC-Rucker Winterset 1:00 5 - 0
10-BRYC-Mchale v 9-VYS-Leach Winterset 3:00 9 - 0
8-VYS-Sweeney v 14-VYS-Carbajal TBD TBD
1-SASA-Sejas v 4-SYC-Salinas Patawomeck Park 4:00
Bye: 5-BRYC-Sullivan; 11-BRYC-Alcorn (See 10/19)

Sat., Sept. 13 2-SYC-Rucker v 8-VYS-Sweeney Franconia #4 2:00
13-SYC-Bishop v 9-VYS-Leach Franconia #4 4:00
6 SYC-Miller v 10-BRYC-Mchale Franconia #4 6:00
11-BRYC-Alcorn v 7-BRYC-Quiroz Winterset 1:00
3-BRYC-Rock v 4-SYC-Salinas Winterset 3:00
14-VYS-Carbajal v 5-BRYC-Sullivan TBD TBD
Bye: 13-SYC-Ray; 1-SASA-Sejas (See 10/19)

Sun., Sept. 14 2-SYC-Rucker v 1-SASA-Sejas Rolling Valley West #2 2:00
13-SYC-Ray v 4-SYC-Salinas Rolling Valley West #2 4:00
10-BRYC-Mchale v 3-BRYC-Rock Wakefield 6:00
11-BRYC-Alcorn v 6 SYC-Miller Wakefield 1:00
5-BRYC-Sullivan v 13-SYC-Bishop Wakefield 3:00
9-VYS-Leach v 8-VYS-Sweeney TBD TBD
14-VYS-Carbajal v 7-BRYC-Quiroz TBD TBD
Sat., Sept. 20 4-SYC-Salinas v 2-SYC-Rucker Franconia #4 2:00
13-SYC-Ray v 11-BRYC-Alcorn Franconia #4 4:00
6 SYC-Miller v 13-SYC-Bishop Franconia #4 6:00
5-BRYC-Sullivan v 10-BRYC-Mchale Winterset 1:00
7-BRYC-Quiroz v v 8-VYS-Sweeney Winterset 3:00
3-BRYC-Rock v 1-SASA-Sejas Winterset 5:00
14-VYS-Carbajal v 9-VYS-Leach TBD TBD

* = Forfeit.
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Teams, Coaches & Colors

Team No.ClubColorCoachesHome/Cell/Work phonesE-mail address
1 SASA Navy Blue or WhiteFranklin Sejas C=869-9434
2 SYC Navy Blue or White Jonathan RuckerH=992-8910
3 BRYC Blue or GrayJosh Rock C=969-6999 tandjrock@gmail.com
4 SYC Navy Blue or WhiteJeff Salinas H=850-380-3781 coachsalinas03@gmail.com
5 BRYC Blue or GrayJames Sullivan H=540-349-1350
6 SYC Navy Blue or White Jim Miller H=569-1655
7 BRYC Blue or GrayMartin Quiroz H=898-9538 martinquiroz@aol.com
8 VYS Red or White John Sweeney H=942-9153
9 VYS Red or White Dan Leach H=938-0710
10 BRYC Blue or Gray Gene McHale H=425-1168
11 BRYC Blue or GrayDoug Alcorn H=451-8081
12 SYC Navy Blue or White Steve Bishop H=866-5074
13 SYC Navy Blue or White Josh Ray C=901-361-8382
4 VYS Red or WhiteVicente Carbajal H=
15 BRYC Blue or Gray Mark CashionH=978-8008
Note: Area code for phone numbers is (703) unless otherwise noted.

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League Officials

League Co-Directors:

Mac Squires = 978-8178; e-mail = mh2squir3@verizon.net

Larry Mark = 451-3954; e-mail = ldmark@verizon.net

Joe Testa = 255-2987; e-mail = joseph.s.testa@gmail.com

Carla Smith = 980-1813; e-mail = carlafsmith@verizon.net

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